Our Team

Advanced Psychiatric Associates is an integrated team of psychiatrists, an advanced practice psychiatric nurse, a clinical psychologist, and a clinical social worker. We provide a full range of comprehensive services to children, adolescents, and adults.

Our providers have expertise in multiple sub-specialties in psychiatry including child and adolescent psychiatry; geriatric psychiatry; and, addiction psychiatry. Additionally, our providers welcome patients who need complex pharmacotherapy or suffer with treatment refractory conditions.

We are able to offer psychotherapies with our clinical psychologist or our clinical social worker.

Sergio Yero
Sergio Yero, MD, FAPA
Wilbert D. Yeung
Wilbert D. Yeung, MD
Amanda B. Carlin
Amanda B. Carlin, PhD
Caroline Murray, APN
Christopher Scovell, DO
Jose Bejarano, MD
Maureen Goodman
Maureen Goodman, MSN, APN
Lauren Ismaiel, MSN, APN
Stella Jang
Stella Jang, LCSW
Tulika Srivastava, MD